Sunday, August 7, 2016

July 25th: 7 Weeks and Hawaii here we come!

Boarding Norwegian's Pride of America for a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands! 

How Far Along: 7 Weeks 
Baby is the size of a: Small Blueberry
Gender: It's a surprise!
Weight Gain: None so far! 
Maternity Clothes: No
Stretch Marks: No
Sleep: Getting up more...but I usually get up a few times
Best Moment This Week: Finally taking our trip to Hawai. We have been looking forward to this for over a year!
Miss Anything: No
Movement this week: Nope
Cravings: No
Queasy or Sick: Still very tired all the time. Starting to have more nausea but not getting sick or anything. Not sure if this feeling was the baby or possible motion sickness on the cruise we took. I have never been on a cruise before and the timing just lined up with the pregnancy. Who can plan these things!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button In or Out? In
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Looking Forward To: Two amazing weeks on vacation in Hawaii with my husband and family!

Here are a few pictures from our Hawaii trip!

Hanauma Bay. Amazing snorkeling!

We went on a cocktail cruise as part of the pre-wedding festivities. No one but my parents, sister and brother in law and of course Andrew knew I was pregnant so I had to hide that I wasn't drinking LOL! I did start to feel really sick on this boat, as it was a super rocky ride and not what I expected.....luckily I wasn't the only one, so if it wasn't sea sickness but morning sickness no one knew :) Definitely worth a try not preggers!

Norwegian Pride of America. Our home for 7 days!

We got to see some sea turtles! This was on the big island where we also did some snorkeling and had lunch at the Kona Brewery! 

  Family picture at the Luau!!!! Such a fun time, and even though I couldn't really eat because I didn't feel well the show was amazing and we found some cute Hawaiian print dog collars for Watson and Tilly!

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