Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Date Night Jar Project

So, as you read in my last post, I gave my husband a "Date Night Jar" as a gift for his birthday. He didn't really have anything specific he wanted and we have a big vacation coming up to Costa Rica in less then a month. So, while keeping our budget in mind, I decided to make him something we can use all year long.

Where did I get the idea of a Date Night Jar? Well, Pinterest of course! Specifically on the Life in the Green House blog.

Here's the finished product. I decided to go with tones of aquas, blues and whites so it can sit in our family room and double as decor. Its so cute and I didn't want to just throw it in a cabinet or something :)

First off, let me say, I do not typically consider myself a creative or "artsy" person. I have done some creative projects in the past but I don't normally know where to start. Sometimes I surprise myself and I hope that the more I do the better I become at being creative with our home decor. This is why I love Pinterest. Especially when you find a blog that explains things step by step. There are fewer than one might think that actually explain things step by step. I find a lot of the 21 day fix blogs are like that with their recipes too! Not many give away their recipes. Like its a secret or something.

I LOVE sharing. If we all shared a few of our secrets, whether it be for a craft/home project or a secret cleaning technique, we would help each other out a lot! So here's what I did:

I read on the blog I found this on what I needed and headed to my local Michael's Arts & Crafts. First thing I did was just walk around. I like to look down every aisle and see whats there. I love going to that store because I get so many ideas for decorating! Once I found the paint section I went straight for the spray paint. Man, I didn't realize paint was so expensive. I chose a cheaper option with the Krylon Color Master that was $6.99 a can. I chose my 3 shades of blue and a light off white for my filler color. Each color represents a different kind of date(explained below) Next I grabbed a larger mason jar, large popsicle sticks(yeah yeah I'm sure there is an actual name for them when they weren't used for popsicles)and ribbons for the mouth of the mason jar to make it look pretty.

Once I got home I pulled my list of "dates" out. I had 8 dates for each category. I started with one color first, just incase the paint wasn't right or didn't look the way I wanted. I did this in our garage with the garage door open on piece of large cardboard. Once I decided it would work I did 2 coats of paint per side flipping between every spray. I did this a week before I assembled the jar to make sure everything was completely dry.

Next I used a fine point sharpie to write the "dates" on the popsicle sticks. There are 8 dates in each category and I have 18 white filler sticks. Here are things I chose from reading various blogs on date nights and adding a few things of my own:

Blue sticks are more expensive dates that will require planning
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Restaurant Hop (appetizers at one, dinner at the next, and dessert at the last)
  • Wine Tour & Lunch
  • RIT Hockey (let's face it we go to these game a lot)
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Couples Cooking Class
  • Couples Massage
  • Try a new restaurant

Light Blue sticks are cheaper dates that don't require much planning
  • Dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant
  • Picnic in the park
  • Dinner & a movie (his/hers choice)
  • Brunch date
  • Coffee & Dessert date
  • Boll-a-Roll & Tully's - Andrew and I met on a bowling league at Boll-a-Roll. Neither of us are bowlers so this feels pretty special to me :)
  • Drive-in date
Turquoise sticks are stay at home dates(perfect for our long cold winters)
  • 1,000 piece puzzle & pizza
  • Take-out & Scrabble
  • Homemade pizza & a romantic comedy
  • Popcorn & movie (his/hers choice)
  • Cook a new meal together
  • Make a bucket list
  • Take-out& board games

Last but not least I found these tags at Michael's. They had a little embellishment on the front and the brown matched the ribbon I had tied around the jar. 

It was the perfect gift. Not only did my husband love it but it gave me a little creative bug. We will both enjoy adding a little fun to any typical date night. 

What are some of your favorite ideas for date night?

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