Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wedding Weekends and Fall Festivities

The past two weekends Andrew and I have had weddings. I'm not sure if its this way for everyone, but I feel like when I have a wedding it takes up a majority of the day. There's getting ready, picking out what I am going to wear, then of course the wedding itself. Don't get me wrong. I love weddings! We had so much fun at the 1st two weddings we had this fall season. We fell behind on some house work/yard work we should have been doing though. We had a good excuse :)

Going to a wedding can be hard when you are trying to follow a healthy diet. You can try to make healthy choices, but when the dinner is a buffet, which both of these were, its hard to stay away from the carbs. The first wedding we went to had both a pasta buffet and a baked potato buffet. The second wedding had a BBQ buffet where, other than a green salad, corn was the vegetable. Needless to say...amazing food...not so amazing for my waist line :) I could, and should, have made better choices. I didn't. 

All dressed up for Laura and Stephen's wedding in the Finger Lakes

Getting back on track this week after so many weeks off, and gaining almost all of my weight back, has been extremely hard to say the least. Not only do I feel like a failure for having gained almost all my weight back from my 1st two rounds of the 21 day fix, I have yet to do a work out. I did however make a delicious 21 day fix friendly chili that we have been having for lunches(I'll be doing a separate post with all my favorite recipes another time)

What are some of your favorite 21 day fix recipes? Please post them here so I can try them!

So....to get back on track this week I need to follow both the diet and exercise plan for the remainder of the week. This will get me motivated to continue getting healthier both inside and out. I will be taking my weigh and measurements tomorrow as its my new "Day 1"

On a lighter note, I purchased a few small fall themed docorations and I made some candle holders too! Also, my husbands birthday was on October 7th. I had been making him a special gift that I saw on this blog. It's a Date Night Jar. He loved it and I thought that this was a great way to help us be more spontaneous and try some new things. I will be posting my entire process tomorrow so stay tuned!!! I don't know where this creative bug came from but I am loving it!

Fall decor: both pictures are from Hobby Lobby, the candle holder is home made(future post on how to make)

More fall decor from Christmas Tree Shop(2012)

General family room decor from Home Goods and the Date Night Jar!

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  1. Happy to know about these wedding weekends. Few weeks ago, I arranged my niece’s bridal shower party at one of exotic wedding venues. Invited all her friends for this event and they had a lovely party. Enjoyed a lot at this event.