Tuesday, August 11, 2015

21 Day Fix - Day 9 Part 2

Today went GREAT!

Andrew was up early and worked out before he went to work and the dogs and me got to sleep in! Nothing really special happened today to make it great. I just had a lot of energy and felt good all day long. I kept up on all my food and followed the diet completely. I did substitute one of my yellow containers for a glass of wine, which I actually measured out. My sister is visiting from Virginia, so her and my mom came over for dinner. They seemed to like the chicken tacos. And last but not least....the Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale was on and me and Andrew couldn't wait to see what happened (yes I have my husband watching that show now!). Because of everything I had going on, I waited till after dinner to work out, so we started the show late. I felt like I was in that episode of How I Met Your Mother. The one where they wait till Monday to watch the Super Bowl and they are all running around NYC trying not to see who won the game LOL! Phones and computers were away in our house until we saw the show!

As for the work out, it was Upper Fix today. I felt like I did a lot better. I didn't modify as much and I was using a heavier weight. It was the first time I really felt stronger. Now, whether I actually am or whether I am more disciplined in not giving up and pushing myself more, that I'm not sure of. I did still struggle on some parts but I try not to get discouraged. My goal for tomorrow is to do my work out shortly after waking up. 

Here's what we ate today:

  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • an apple
  • burrito bowl with lettuce, pico de gallo, chicken, cheese and plain greek yogurt
  • strawberries, Andrew also had steel cut oats
  • vanilla mocha shakeology
  • Chicken tacos
  • I also substituted one Yellow container for a glass of wine :)

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