Wednesday, August 26, 2015

21 Day Fix Day 16-21 and Recap!

Sorry for being absent these past few days. I was traveling with my parents for a few family parties! Here's a quick recap of the past few days!

Day 16: Today we both did well until we headed off to the baseball game! Unfortunately I got home from my last appointment late and didn't have time to cook dinner before we left for the game. I thought I'd be fine but after watching people walk by with tons of junk food for about an hour we broke down. We could have gone crazy and gotten Garbage Plates (for those of you not from the area I'll have a post about those later!), but we chose a lesser of two evils. Andrew got a hotdog, I got a cheeseburger and we shared fries which were small. Let's face the facts, I ate most of the fries. Afterwords though, I had so much guilt. I was so upset with myself because for the first time I broke down, unplanned. This was a start to a downwards spiral over the weekend.

Day 17: Today we were great food wise. I spent the day packing for my trip. I also packed a lot of my food and shakeology for the entire weekend, not knowing that I wouldn't eat most of it :(. I also made sure Andrew was good on food for the weekend. Hoping that if I had everything there for him he would stick to the diet without me being there. I had to make a midnight run to Wegmans for carrots and strawberries. It felt odd running in for those things at that time of night instead of chips or totinos pizza rolls HAHA!

Day 18: Travel day. I did really good in the car. Even when my parents ate their traditional roadtrip McDonald's breakfast in front of me I didn't break. I had my shakeology and steel cut oaks for breakfast in the car, and as snacks I had 2 hardboiled eggs and a few baby carrots. We stopped at Panera Bread for lunch too. Panera isn't my favorite spot. I only like a few things on the menu and of course nothing seems healthy(even though everyone thinks it is). I guess its better than a fast food place. I had 1/2 of a cup of the french onion soup. Just the soup, no bread or croutons that they usually put on there. I knew I was breaking but I was trying hard to pick something that wouldn't be too bad, even though this was high in sodium. They had my favorite cookie too. If you know me you know I am not big into sweets, but I love the Toffee Nut cookie at Panera Bread. SO GOOD!!!!! I didn't get the cookie! For dinner, Chenda cooked and there were a few things I could have that were semi diet friendly. I also did my work out right before dinner. 

Day 19: Today was a different story for the diet. I struggled to find healthy options. We took my cousins daughter out for her birthday. Charlotte was turning three the next week but we were not going to be coming back to Connecticut for her birthday party. We took her to a place called The Pottery Factory where she painted an owl, then we went to Maggie McFly's for lunch. I got the soup and salad lunch combo. Even though this wasn't diet friendly per say, I felt I was making a healthy choice with what was available. Man, I would have loved to get a ruben and french fries. That evening I did my workout and we had Raviolis for dinner. Again not diet friendly but I didn't over stuff myself and I passed on dessert. 

Charlotte painting her owl!


My semi healthy lunch.

Day 20: Today we had a baby shower for my cousin Julian and his wife Jill. They are expecting their first child in October. The shower was great. The food was really good and Jill got so many wonderful gifts. I did over eat a little bit at the shower though :( That night for dinner pizza and subs were served. My mom and I each had a small piece of the sub and we shared a piece of pizza.  I also had 2 glasses of wine. This is the first time I drank on this trip and it was the start to the down fall. Three of my favorite things: Pizza, Subs and Wine :) I did not do a work out today.

All ready for the shower!

We were asked to bring a book instead of a card. I love this idea and I hope to steal this idea if I ever have children. We chose 3 of our favorites.

My sister ate that...Not me I swear!

Day 21: This morning I woke up feeling awful. I was so upset with myself for not working out yesterday. That was the first day in 20 days I had not worked out. I was on such a roll and I ruined it! My mom's childhood friend Kathy came over to my cousins(where we were staying) for breakfast, and this was the start of another day of breaking my diet. I won't even get into the specifics but today was William's 5th birthday party so Chenda had made a ton of food. The morning was spent setting up for the party. Another day of not working out :(

Luckily I'm not big into sweets or this chocolate fountain could have really been an issue for me haha!

Monday: I decided to take a break today. Now that our 21 day fix round 1 was over. I told myself I wasn't going to go crazy, and I didn't. But I did have McDonald's on the drive home. 

Tuesday: Today I had a jam packed day with various appointments. I didn't eat much today and what I did eat was 21 day fix friendly. However, I did not work out.

Recap of the 21 Day fix Round 1

I really got into it this time. I liked working out at home and I liked making all our meals. I had gotten away from both of those things and I forgot how good it felt to do that on a daily basis. I love cooking and I am finding my kitchen is cleaner now that I am cooking every day :) not sure why...but...BONUS! 

I thought one of the hardest things for me was going to be giving up drinking. My husband and I usually drink a few days a week. We will have wine or something before or with dinner. This was actually one of the easiest things for me. I found that even having a glass or two of wine made me want to munch on something, so by not drinking it curbed that craving. Andrew on the other had did not stick to the no drinking. He had a lot of outings that required social drinking. He did however use the yellow container substitute and I think he may have cheated a little past that :)

All in all I am excited to start the 21 Day Fix again today! I have lost a total of 5.2 lbs and 10 inches total through out my body measurements. I am using those measurements to start of my next 21 day fix today!

I am really trying to get excited for this next round. I completed my goal last round, but I still have lot more to look and a lot healthier to get :)

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