Tuesday, August 11, 2015

21 Day fix - Day 9

So....I took a break from blogging this weekend. However, I'll recap for you!

Day 4 - We had an identical day as day 3 food wise along with the Pilates Fix work out. Today was the first day I didn't lose on the scale. Now people say you shouldn't weigh yourself every day. But I always have and always will. I need to know bright and early if I am staying on track. I try not to let minor weight gains upset me. 

Day 5 - The only difference in our menu was dinner. We had pan seared salmon with a side salad. The Cardio fix today was difficult and I did modify a lot which I'm not proud of. 

Day 6 - Saturday.....Today was filled with making most of the side dishes for our Carolina BBQ and the pork that we were serving to my family on Sunday. We are planning to make this on our annual trip to OBX, so we wanted to have a test run since Andrew has never made the pork on his own (usually he makes it with his grandfather). This was tough because even though these foods weren't things I would normally eat, it seems like when you are on a diet everything thats "against the rules" is appetizing. I made from scratch mac salad and cole slaw. I also hard boiled 12 eggs for my deviled eggs. Andrew spent about 3 and 1/2 hours out by the grill slow cooking the delicious Pork Boston Butt we got at Sams Club. Yummmm! He did deviate off the diet and enjoy a beer while cooking the meat. His reasoning was...."you can't sit out here grillin' meat and NOT have a beer." After a little guilting from me he opted to have the beer. That's ok, I am so proud we have made it this far. 

We started the day off right with a work out as soon as we woke up and enjoyed the Vanilla Mocha shakeology for breakfast. I think this is what helped us stay on track and not break down while we were cooking all the non 21 day fix side dishes. We also knew we were going out to eat that night at The Cheesecake Factory, so we had to be good all day and save up certain containers for dinner. I know I know...why there? Well, we certainly didn't pick the place. Not that I don't like that restaurant, its really delicious, its just a hard place to go when on a diet. We both had salads and ate only about half, because they are so big, and we both had 1 glass of red wine. This was the first time I used a substitute. The day ended with a relaxing time by the bon fire. Only to do it all again Sunday!

Day 7 - Sunday...Today we also had a full schedule. We woke up and did our Yoga Fix first thing, after coffee of course, and then got ready for the day. We had plans to go to breakfast with my friend from college who was passing through. Breakfast was an easy meal to plan out. I was going to have a 2 egg omelet with spinach, tomato and feta. However, breakfast didn't work out and we met for lunch instead. This was much harder and we ended up "breaking" the diet. I use quotes because I wouldn't consider it a huge break. I had tomato soup. It had some cream in it so I counted that as my blue for the day and it had crostinis which was a cheat. :( I had been on a roll. 

That afternoon I finished the deviled eggs and baked beans for dinner that night. I ate a half bun with some pork and cole slaw, and had a small taste of mac salad and baked beans. This was another cheat because mayo is not part of the 21 day fix, well let's face it, none of the sides were LOL!. We finished the day with fruit salad for dessert, which is a much healthier option than the key lime pie I will be serving in OBX :)

Day 8 - Back to normal!!!! Finally, no more going out until Wednesday! I had noticed on Day 4-7 that my weight had remained the same and this morning on Day 8 I had gained about a half pound. I am trying to figure out what the issue is. Obviously the cheating on Day 7 is major cause for the gain. But why the plateau when I had been faithful?

Well, the first thing is that I'm sure a lot of what I had lost was water weight, or just me getting rid of junk I had eaten in the days before the diet. But I also realized that on the days I remained the same, the night before, dinner had been eaten late, around 8-9pm. So I told my husband that we needed to make a big effort to eat between 6 and 7 pm each night. 

Here's what we ate yesterday:

  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • apple
  • salmon and side salad with 21 day fix dressing
  • shakeology (after work out)
  • chicken tacos (2-6 inch corn tortillas, chicken, shredded cabbage,onion, olives, cheese, and plain greek yogurt)
  • strawberries
Dinner was Delish and we will be repeating this a few nights this week! Also, my theory seemed to work. I was down on the scale this morning :) 

Chicken Tacos!!! Notice, I am using salad plates. It makes it seem full.

Delish Carolina BBQ

Dreaming of meat falling on the floor....

Patiently waiting and hoping for something to fall on the floor

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